Реми надергал цитат. По себя и от себя, любимого. А что помните вы? ;)

Playin' for keeps is still playin', Mon Ami, so take a card...ANY CARD!

Stop screamin' like a girl at a Backstreet Boys concert! I had a hunch th'explosion wouldn't hurt you.

I'm the leader of the geek patrol. That makes me king geek.

Cerebro: Security alert. Sector: Subrqur V
Gambit: In English.
Cerebro: That WAS English.

Gambit: But I love you.
Rogue: You're honest with the people you love, Gambit. Otherwise...It's a gamble.

Oh please, will you guys shut up! You're makin' me want to travel through time to certain death!

Everyone can relax now.... Gambit has arrived!

The X-Men are heroes. I'm a thief.